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Innovation Residency 2018-19

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as of 12-7-2016 (email me more questions at

When is the deadline?

Residencies can be 3-6 months in total. Application due dates: February or March start date: January 12th due date. April or May start date: March 16th due date. June or July start date: May 6th due date. August or September start date: July 2nd due date. October or November start date: August 31st

Is this residency full time?

Residents will still be able to freelance, teach, commute and work during this residency the time commitment is not fulltime to the program. If you have taken time off to focus on a project you will have plenty of time to do that as well. We require residents to live full time at the residency apartment during their residency, present their work in the form of a talk or demo and facilitate one workshop (length and topic to be determined by the resident).